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New Angled Patch Panel are released?

New Angled Patch Panel are released?
Update Time:2017-11-20
We are so happy to share with you that the improved angled 24 Port Patch Panel are being released:
Advantages of the improved angled patch panel:
Solved the problem of safety loophole, hand will be easier clamped if incorrect installation for the old model.
Your brand LOGO can be printed in the middle of patch panel to better display your brand, the old modelonly can be printed at the side of patch panel.
The jacks can be fitted easier than the old one due to the one-piece injection model of front panel.
The folded back support bar to cut down the shipping cost. Now 25pcs/Carton only 0.055CBM, previous one 10pcs/Carton takes 0.065CBM.
Clear label holder, it’s more helpful during the installation.
Improved panel but remain same cost as previous one.
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