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How to use fiber jumper correctly?

How to use fiber jumper correctly?
Update Time:2018-04-10

In fiber-optic network infrastructures, because jumpers are relatively weak, Fast Fiber provides the correct operating procedures for optimal performance and reliability.

1. Both ends of an optical fiber jumper must be optical modules of the same wavelength. The simple method of distinguishing is that the optical module must have the same color.

2. In general, short-wavelength optical modules use multimode optical fibers (usually orange). Long-wavelength optical modules use single-mode optical fibers (usually yellow) to ensure data transmission accuracy.

3, in the use of optical fiber should not be excessive bending and winding, this will increase the transmission of light attenuation, use the minimum bend radius of the optical fiber is less than 30mm.

4, after the use of optical fiber jumper must use protective sleeve to protect the fiber connector, dust and oil will damage the fiber coupling.

5, if the fiber connector is dirty, you can use a cotton swab dipped in absolute alcohol to clean, otherwise it will affect the communication quality.

6. The fiber jumper ceramic ferrule and ferrule end surface must be wiped clean with alcohol and absorbent cotton before use.

7. Protect the ferrule and ferrule end face to prevent bruising and contamination. Wear a dust cap immediately after disassembly.

8. Do not look directly into the fiber end face when transmitting the laser signal.

9. When the damage of man-made or other irresistible factors occurs, the damaged fiber jumper should be replaced in time.

10, or further use precision optical fiber insertion loss loss tester, test its various indicators, indicators within the qualified range, the jumper indicates normal, otherwise it is unqualified.

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