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What are the advantages of fiber optic cable and how to install?

What are the advantages of fiber optic cable and how to install?
Issue Time:2017-08-17
mainly in the following areas:

(1) The band is wide.

(2) good electromagnetic insulation performance. Fiber optic cable is transmitted in the beam, because the beam from the outside electromagnetic interference and influence, and itself does not radiate the signal, so it is suitable for long-distance information transmission and require a high degree of security occasions. Of course, the difficulty of the tap is its inherent puzzle, because the cut cable needs to regenerate and retransmit the signal.

(3) attenuation is small. It can be said that the signal is a constant over a longer distance and range.

(4) the repeaters have a large interval, so the number of repeaters of the entire channel can be reduced and the cost can be reduced. According to the Bell Labs test, when the data transfer rate of 420Mbps and the distance of 119 km without repeaters, the bit error rate, the transmission quality is very good. While the coaxial cable and twisted pair every few thousand meters need to connect a repeater.

how to install
     In applications where multiple cables are interconnected using fiber optic cables, the unidirectional nature of the fiber must be taken into account. If two-way communication is to be done, double fiber should be used. As a result of the different frequency of light transmission and multiple choice, so in the communications device market has emerged optical multiplexer.

    Installing an optical cable in an ordinary computer network begins with a user device. Because the cable can only be transmitted in one direction. In order to achieve two-way communication, the cable must appear in pairs, one for input, one for output. Both ends of the cable are connected to the optical interface.
    Installation of cable to be extra careful. Connect each fiber cable to polish the end, through the electric barbecue or chemical ring chlorine process and optical interface together to ensure that the optical channel is not blocked. Fiber can not pull too tight, can not form a right angle.

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